Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's Been Quite Some Time

It really has been quite some time since I last updated this blog with anything of the sort that might be considered content. One might almost think I'd forgotten about it's very existence, and they'd be right! Google+ recently reminded me this was around floating through the tubes of the internet and in like fashion I reminded Google+ that it's very pushy and I didn't like it's attitude.

So we compromised, I said I'd update the blogger and Google+ said I damn well better do it from my own domain, and thus Blogger is now featured on zgarah while I continue to work on that CMS. My own little wordpress away from wordpress.

Additionally here are some quick updates:

I'm still floating around Hold the Line, as a Staff member, though clearly I'm the least active of the bunch which says something. They're all pretty productive and interested in the longevity and well being of the site. It's nice, a lot of projects really have difficulty finding such a helpful bunch of people and HTL has had an abundance since the day it started.

I am no longer working on Dark Age of Wythia, it was a fun project and an enjoyable place to practice and debug but I stopped having as much free time at work as I needed to continue development work with Axis. I am technically still an admin on the forums though I rarely visit. Hopefully he'll find time to give to that project and get it back in working order. We're all rooting for you bud.

I do still spend some time occasionally helping out on other game wikis and projects but mostly it's just HTL and Zgarah between 40+ hour work weeks, the dog, and my general inability to do things at home without an office I find it difficult to spend time productively. Maybe in the next few weeks I'll get a little better at the balancing act again and start popping out things like blog entries and site updates. I have always wanted to work on a browser based game of my own, progress in learning me some Java(just got a new coding environment set up), and actually worked on getting something I can uniquely claim as my own up. Most of what I've done in the past has been for others and I've foolishly forgotten to record most of it for a web portfolio of sorts. Guess that means it's time to get to it. 

C'est la vie.


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